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Homeowners can face penalties for hiring unlicensed contractors.
According to Florida Law, consumers who knowingly hire unlicensed construction Contractors could face a fine of up to $5,000.00

Chapter 455.228 of the Florida statutes allows the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation (DBPR), or request the Circuit Court to impose a civil penalty of $500.00-$5000.00 on individuals who aid and abet an unlicensed contractor. Aiding and abetting is defined by the statute as anyone who employs an unlicensed contractor or company.

Consumers who hire such a contractor face victimization in many ways. Poor workmanship, lack of customer service, no warranties, poor quality products and potential repercussions by the law are just a few of the many outcomes of hiring an unlicensed contractor.


Hire a licensed, insured and reputable contractor such as Genesis Contractors. Ask your neighbors about our professional staff. We are registered with the State Of Florida – Department of Professional Regulation, Pinellas County Construction Licensing Board, Hillsborough County Construction Licensing Board, Pasco County Construction Licensing Board, Collier County and more.

Before you hire a contractor, ask the following questions:

Are you a licensed contractor?  
Ask to see the contractor’s current Florida license and write down either the  contractor’s name or license number.  Then verify that the license is valid and current by going to and clicking on Verify a License.
Our Florida contractor’s license number is CBC1261801.